July 12, 2016



There have been many a night in my life where I have a great bottle of wine that I’ve been reluctant to open because I only want one or two glasses.  I’m definitely one of those people that tastes the residual damage of a day old opened bottle of wine.  Then there’s also the part of me that opens the bottle, only wants one or two glasses, but feels obligated to finish it.  I end up with a nasty, and pointless, hangover on a Tuesday after watching The Office all night and ordering sushi.  

The Coravin eliminates the stress of being a single wine drinker.  It essentially opens the bottle of wine without removing the cork, and therefore, without removing any of the aromatic flavors.  Not to mention, the machine itself is a beautiful, “sleek” addition to your kitchen appliances. 

There are four different models of the Coravin:

  1. Coravin Model Eight
  2. Coravin Model Two
  3. Coravin Model Two Plus
  4. Coravin Model Two Pack Plus

The difference in each model is mostly in what is included—for example, Coravin Model Two Plus includes a carry case so that you can transport the machine safely.  

The machine only works on still bottles of wines. It advertises as being easier to maneuver than opening a bottle of wine with a wine key.  All you need to do is push the Coravin needle through the cork, pull and release a trigger on the machine and watch as your glass fills. Easy as pie. 

Get the Coravin at 10% off at Taste Wine Company with promo code "coravin10" through July 20th!  Get it HERE.

A great investment for the casual, serious, or frequent wine drinker.  

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