Pigs Nose Scotch 5yr

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What makes Pig’s Nose Different? 
•Blended whisky made from Invergordon grain and Speyside, Islay and Lowland malts
•Higher than average malt percentage for blended whisky (43%)
•Specially crafted by Richard Paterson, Scotland’s only third generation master blender
•Small batch and hand crafted
•Good value for money: price reflects premium image, yet affordable

Nose: Firm and rich luscious creamy, round tones. The long marrying period has brought these many individual characters into one lasting union. Great harmony - soft and full with no ragged edges, smooth and mellow. Plenty of finesse and breeding. 

Taste: A positive grip, almost a spicy richness as these great flavors attack the palate - leaving it beautifully rewarded as they drift over. Elegant and distinguished. The delicate Speyside Malts - the heart of the whisky- have played a major part in bringing this quality blend together.

Category: scotch, Spirits, whiskey

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