About Us

The people behind Taste Wine Co love wine. Wine makes us feel great and lends itself to lots of fun. Fun at a meal. Fun at a bar. Fun at a restaurant. Fun at a party. Fun at the beach, on a boat, in the park, etc. But…is buying wine fun?

We know there are some great wine shops out there these days. For the most part, gone are the days of obnoxious “know-it-all” wine sommeliers making people feel stupid. Nowadays consumers can head over to a great local shop & chat with someone working at the store & get a great recommendation…or at least a recommendation that the store clerk (hopefully) believes is great. 

But aren’t we all unique individuals? With different preferences? And different palates? We think so. So despite the clerk’s best efforts, oftentimes you get home, pop the cork, pour that first glass…and are sadly disappointed with what is in the bottle. We know…it has happened to us. 

Which is why we opened Taste Wine Co. We believe that each of us has our own unique sense of taste.

What happened to the tasting machines!?!?

Isn't tech great?  Tech made our tastings machines possible.  But when tech goes down, we lose all those cool features, and in our case, we lose the tasting machines.  We are working to figure out what is next for Taste.  Will we shift to a more traditional store or will we do everything in our power to bring BACK the tasting machines (yes, they are all down right now)?  Time will tell...please stay tunes (& thanks for your patience).

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